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Since its founding in 1903, Araya Industrial Co,. Ltd. has taken advantage of its roll-forming technology, acquired through its status as a top brand of wheel rims to offer our customers a variety of products, including pipes and shapes. These products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles & bicycles, buildings, furniture, industrial machinery, welfare equipment, logistic equipment etc. In our efforts to maintain our sophisticated level of technology so as to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, we are rigorous in our efforts to develop new technologies and tackle new business areas.

One of our corporate philosophies is “Exist in harmony with nature and the international society.” In today’s world, where global environmental conservation is a major issue, we seek to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and to contribute to international society. With faith in the potential of technology, we positively aim to respond to the demands of the times and create new values.



PT ARAYA STEEL TUBE INDONESIA is a branch of the Japanese company ARAYA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Through cooperation between the two giant Japanese company Araya Industrial Co., Ltd. (90%) and Hanwa Co., Ltd. (10%) established PT ARAYA STEEL TUBE INDONESIA in 2012.

PT ARAYA STEEL TUBE INDONESIA engaged in the production of steel pipe and stainless steel, there are many kinds of steel pipe and stainless steel were produced such as round pipe, square pipe, oval pipe, and rectangular pipe.

Learning from experience in the field of stainless steel and for hundreds of years in Japan. Araya necessarily bring the best products, with the advanced quality of PT ARAYA STEEL TUBE INDONESIA ready to compete with other steel pipe manufacturer appears logical, Asia and even the world. Araya aware of the importance of maintaining the quality of the product, for that we also always use experienced workers in the field. Local and foreign manpower we have always worked together to innovate in order to create the best products for the safety and comfort of our customers.
PT ARAYA STEEL TUBE INDONESIA has established partnerships with many local and foreign companies in Indonesia, and our partners are divided into many areas of industries. Araya steel pipe is used as an ingredient in many industries, such as automotive industry, furniture industry, construction industry, and other industries. With so many partnerships that already we have made, we are confident and believe we will continue to progress and develop.


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