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Starting in 1962 Soetikno Tanoko started his business from a paint shop in Malang. No one suspects if the small paint shop is the forerunner of PT. Avia Avian. Taking advantage of the paint industry's conditions that rely on imports at the time, Soetikno's innovation mixes the limited paint colors to a variety of colors that customers demand.

PT Avia Avian first started operations in 1978 in Sidoarjo, East Java. As a local paint manufacturer in the paint market dominated by foreign players. The Avian brand was born in 1978 from extensive research and development of its founders.

From the very beginning, PT Avia Avian was clearly established with the ultimate goal of being able to compete in a market dominated by overseas products. Over time, PT Avia Avian became a nationally recognized company, competing successfully with winning battles winning over the hearts and minds of consumers compared to other brands that lead the market, many of which are international brands.

With growing demand, PT Avia Avian opened its second factory in Serang, West Java in 1996, followed by a third plant in Medan, North Sumatra in 2007. PT Avia Avian is now recognized as the largest local paint manufacturer owned and operated in Indonesia.

PT. Avia Avian is the only paint manufacturer to implement an integrated system in every stage of its production and one of the leading paint manufacturers in Indonesia. We produce a number of widely recognized brands of paints, such as Avian Iron & Wood Paints, Avitex Wall Paints, Sunguard Exterior Wall Paints, and No Drop Anti Noise Paint Coatings.

Our vision is to be the market leader in the paint industry that everyone loves. This vision is supported by our mission, that is by always improving service quality and innovation based on customer satisfaction. We are proud of our reputation for quality, innovation, distribution and excellence. Until now PT. Avia Avian has been awarded many, including Superbrands (2010-2011 period) and Top Brand (2005 - 2015), Satria Brand (2012-2015).


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Jl. Raya Surabaya-Sidoarjo Km. 19

Desa Wadungasih, Buduran.

Sidoarjo-Indonesia, 61252

PO.BOX 126 Sidoarjo


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P +6231 - 896 8000 | 896 9000 (hunting)

F +6231 - 892 1734 | 896 4118