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The Penguin That Brings Color To The World. Pinguin is famous as a tough bird. The penguins can withstand the harsh weather, and no doubt it also applies to our Jotun products.

In early 1920, Odd Gleditsch started his business as a paint distributor in Sandefjord, Norway. Not long after that he became the biggest paint supplier for whaling ships all over Norway. This then prompted him to start setting up his own paint factory.
On March 12, 1926, Gleditsch invited shareholders to join his new company. With a share capital of NOK 60,000. Jotun Kemiske Fabrik A / S was founded, with Odd Gleditsch sr. as its director.
Odd Gleditsch thinks that making penguins as his logo is a perfect choice, like something destined by God, because penguins are powerful, powerful and natural beings.
As the business grew, Gleditsch filed a patent for Arcanol, which is an innovation in shipping protective liners. The gray-red lead is great for rusting and is Jotun's first major success in producing paint.
Then the penguin expanded his wings over the Norwegian border. The era of globalization began with the establishment of a factory in Libya and this enhanced the development and reputation of Jotun as a major paint factory in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

By always putting forward the quality, Jotun becomes the best in paint business. The modernization of the factory and the success of predicting the future of paint make Jotun's overall quality increase, which has an effect on increasing public awareness, increased sales and distribution of Jotun around the world.
Currently Jotun has more than 70 companies in more than 43 countries worldwide, Jotun has grown from being originally only a small paint distributor to a major worldwide brand.

"If it says I have a secret weapon, then my secret weapon is my ability to find employees and listen, and listen carefully, all their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas," Odd Gleditsch said. Many will say that it is this way of thinking that creates the right employees to make Jotun a world-known company today. 


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