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With a history of over 130 years, Nippon Paint is proud to consistently deliver cutting edge solutions to meet your every paint needs.

Established since 1881, Nippon Paint is the first paint manufacturing company and pioneer of the paint industry in Japan. Currently, Nippon Paint is the leader of the paint market in Japan.

From Japan, Nippon Paint expanded rapidly to other countries. One of them, Nippon Paint Indonesia which was established in 1969.

Today, Nippon Paint is synonymous with high quality products and innovative breakthroughs, making us the number one paint brand in the Asia Pacific region.

In line with our commitment to provide total paint and coating solutions for our diverse consumers, Nippon Paint offers a wide selection of products and thousands of colors.

As the leader of the paint industry, Nippon Paint is also committed to providing the best quality through research and development under strict quality control. We are proud to be the leading paint company in delivering cutting edge solutions to meet the ever-changing global needs from time to time.

Nippon Paint is committed to providing high quality products globally


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PT Nipsea Paint and Chemicals

Jakarta (Head Office)

Jl Ancol Barat I/A5/C No. 12, Jakarta 14430

Tel: (021) 690 0546

Fax: (021) 692 7778




Jl Raya Veteran No. 258, Gresik 61123, Jawa Timur

Tel: (031) 398 1536

Fax: (031) 398 2285



Jl KL Yos Sudarso Km. 8.3, Tanjung Mulia, Medan

Tel: (061) 685 1117

Fax: (061) 685 1593