North Maluku Set to Promote Tourism With 'Enjoy Ternate' Brand

December 11, 2017

Ternate in North Maluku launched a new tourism tagline, 'Enjoy Ternate 2017,' during the opening ceremony of the annual Kora-Kora marine event on Saturday (02/12). (Photo courtesy of the Tourism Ministry)

Jakarta. Ternate in North Maluku launched a new tourism tagline, "Enjoy Ternate 2017," during the opening ceremony of the annual Kora-Kora marine event on Saturday (02/12).

Among the guests were Ternate Mayor Burhan Abdurrahman and Miss Tourism Indonesia Astari Indah.

"We don't have abundant natural resources, but we have the huge potential of tourism to support the local economy. Thus, we're releasing 'Enjoy Ternate' to attract more tourists to the region," Burhan said.

The regional administration has prepared a set of special tour packages, which will be branded with the new tagline.

Ternate, located at one of the biggest trade areas in eastern Indonesia, offers a variety of tourist attractions, ranging from history to nature tourism.

The city is home to several historical Dutch and Portuguese forts, such as Oranje Fort, which is the largest in the city, built in 1607, and Tolukko Fort, which faces Tidore Island in North Maluku, built in 1540.

Ternate offers several snorkeling and diving sites, from beginners to professional, at Sulamahada Beach, Falajawa Beach, Rum Bay and Kalamata Beach.

"North Maluku already has the rich nature, thus it must be supported by accessibility, accommodation, hospitality and branding. 'Enjoy Ternate' will help the region introduce tourism to the world," Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said.

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